The crucial Impact of Taliban-led-Afgan in Indian Exports

The crucial Impact of Taliban-led-Afgan in Indian Exports

Exports play a vital role in deciding a country’s economy.

Afghanistan has been a key strategic ally for India in South Asia and the government has made major investments in the war-torn country over the past two decades.

Imports from Afghanistan and Exports from India are stopped. Besides, the heavy investment that India has done in Afghanistan for building roads, dams, bridges, projects etc is approximately 3 billion USD till 2021 making it one of the largest regional donors to the country.

India imports around 85% of its dry fruits along with most of the piquant spices from war-torn Afghanistan. India has been importing fresh fruits, dry fruits, like anjeer (figs), walnuts, almonds, apricot, green and black raisins, aromatic asafoetida (hing) from Afghanistan on a regular basis.

Afghanistan has been importing from India, garments, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, computers, hardware materials, cement, sugar, tea, spices, pneumatic tyres and synthetic fibre on a regular basis.

Impact in Exports

This means that 1.5 billion USD business stops just because Taliban has decided to have “better Trade relations” with all countries.


Borders and banks are now closed for India with the Taliban led Government in Afghanistan. The years old friendship, heavy investments, bilateral trade etc all have gone into the drain, as it seems so, at the moment, until it re-starts.

It is strongly advised to be in touch with the international news on the target country along with the Market Research you do before accepting the Purchase Order from your Buyers.

Political disturbances can be risky for your export & import business.
Wishing you a trouble free exporting!

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