StufeMe Top Coder Contest 2021 (STC2021)

Competitive programming is an art, it’s creative problem solving at its finest, a combination of hard analytical thinking and creativity. Competitive programmers use your knowledge of algorithms, data structures and logical reasoning skills to solve challenging algorithmic problems in a limited time frame. New Prince Shri Bhavani Engineering college, Host Top Coder Contest 2021 at StufeMe for Enrich Student Knowledge

1.Problem Statement

A company wants to calculate Gross Salary and Net salary of the Employee and company having different salary structure for the employee based on the Position.




  • PF is 10% from BASIC for all Position
  • If Gross is less than or equal to 25000 then TAX is 5% From GROSS; If Gross is Greater than 25000 and Less than or equal to 50000 then TAX is 10% From GROSS; If Gross is Greater than 50000 then TAX is 15% From GROSS;
  • If BASIC is less than or equal to 10000; DA=50% from BASIC, HRA=20% from BASIC
  • If BASIC greater than 10000 and less than equal to 30000; DA=60% from BASIC, HRA=30% FROM BASIC
  • If BASIC greater than 30000; DA=70% from BASIC, HRA=30% from BASIC


BASIC: 25000

Expected Output:

GROSS : 47500
NET = 45250

Language : Python [Other than Python Language not Acceptable]

2.Level of Competition

Medium [For Beginner Level, Intermediate Level and Expert Level]


Hosted by New Prince Sri Bhavani Engineering College

Stufeme Code

4.Time Line

STARTS AT : Nov 25, 2021
ENDS AT : Dec 10, 2021
RESULT : Dec 15, 2021


Any student [Grad VIII to Post Graduation]

6.Assessment criteria

  • The solutions are judged on a small number of Test Cases. Test Case includes time and Memory complexity.
  • The result of judging the solution on the pretests is displayed to the contestant right after the judging.
  • Each test is represented by the input for the contestant’s program. The limits for the input contained in the test are indicated in the problem statement.
  • Judging is performed by consecutively running the program on test.


  • Three Top submissions will get Shields and certificate of merit .
  • All Participants who submit the code will get an e-certificate of participation

8.Exclusive license

By submitting your information for this competition, you are giving Stufe Tech Pro Private Limited exclusive and unlimited license, without any restriction of time or geographical restriction, to publish your article on StufeMe, as well as any other compendium where we may like to publish it. If we publish it, you will not attempt to publish the same article/content anywhere else. For further details kindly go through the privacy policy of StufeMe

9.Jury Panel

Entries will be judged by a high-level jury panel comprised of Professional of the various Institutes and Industry against originality, creativity, writing quality, and solutions presented. The Jury panel decision is final.


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