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What Competitions?

Competitions are a great way to gain experience for your profile and often some cash or work experience. Many competitions require you to work in a team and produce innovative ideas Even if you don’t win it’s not time wasted, you’ve spent time learning and developing your ideas. A student competition is any student event where an individual or a team compete for a prize where skill is the main predictor of the winner. There can be a competition between students or teams of students and across geographical regions. Student competitions help bring about a student’s best effort by inspiring creativity and challenging the student to utilize their skills.

Student Competition demonstrates clear and specific benefits to the students that participate. Competition increase student motivation help students perform better and encourage them to pursue goals further than those who do not participate in them. Competition that one landmark, what helps most for students is when they cooperate on a team to compete against other teams for a prize.


At Stufeme, we understand first-hand the struggle for students to gather together spare pennies for those occasional mid-study treats. That’s why stufeme to show you we care, by offering regular online competitions for students with prizes, vouchers and some online competitions for money, to help you get through your studies and prepare yourself for the working world.

Stufeme offer a whole range of student competition opportunities for you to help through the studies. And of course, if you want to do your own research on educational competitions, we recommend you use stufeme to find all kinds of different programs that could be right for you
Browse stufeme listings of national and international competitions open to students, stufeme grouped them by sector to help you find relevant opportunities.


Stufeme are predominantly open to students who are currently studying at university, whether that be a degree, masters or open university course. As well as competitions for university students we do also offer some competitions for graduates, please read the guidelines for each competition to check if you are eligible to apply before entering.


Most of the competitions are very easy to enter and involve simply following us on social media, liking or stufeme. For more specific information on how to enter each student competition, follow the instructions on the respective student competition. And remember, the more competitions you enter and the more times you enter the more likely you are to win.