About Us

Students, the biggest and only community across the globe, without any geographical, religious, linguistic boundaries, achieves a lot in diversified domains of studies. None other than students can spread the positivism and enormous energy for any objective which they possess liable. But, internationally all the the students are not given equal opportunities and remuneration. Awareness about the opportunities are very minimal for rural students. Though the rural students are cognitively quite competitive and on par with the urban students, the positions possess by the urban counterparts are not comparable.

Stufeme is an user friendly, responsible and care taking platform for all students from class (grade) 8 till graduation to step forward in your career. Its a safe and reliable place for you in mentoring and sculpturing your future, to reach your destined goal. The team behind stufe.me is highly experienced, dedicated, technically qualified academic mentors, HR Managers, and career consultants, to help you out in reaching your competent goal.



Mentoring each student to fix their goal and evolving a platform for their 360 degree career growth, to succeed in a rapidly changing world.


We at stufe.me empower the students to take ownership and responsibility for their career by

  • Counselling and goal setting
  • Identifying and upskilling their competency to match the industrial requirement
  • Training them in the latest domains of employability
  • Helping them to find out a suitable opportunity in the competitive job market<b
  • Meet Our Team

    Dr.Suresh Chandrasekaran

    A Prominent Data Analytics and Business Consultant. Suresh Chandrasekaran helps to construct and execute their AI and Business strategy to thrive in a fast growing world. Suresh has led many large-scale business transformation programs, driven by AI and intelligent automation. Suresh hold Ph.D in computer science and Engineering from Anna University Chennai

    Dr.Soma Rajarajan

    Soma Rajarajan is a dynamic, passionate Teacher and Resource Person for more than 27 years, committed in developing employable Engineers in their core domain.He has mentored more than 1000 students in the capacity of Professor and they are leading their life across the globe.He is effective communicator and story teller using case studies.

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