Which is the Best choice ? Engineering or Medical?

Which is the Best choice ? Engineering or Medical?

Engineering and Medical are the most preferred professional degrees after 12th class in India. These two are passionate professions among students and parents as well. Apart from the pay, Engineering and Medical are deemed to be most prestigious in the society. This blog especially will help the students to take decision.

Let us get into the comparison of Engineering and Medical by discussing on the core factors.


UG Medical (MBBS)UG Engineering (B.E/B.Tech)
Tenure5 and Half years4 years
Approximate Fees/YearINR 8-10 Lakhs(Govt. Quota -Private Colleges)
INR 16000 to 80000 (Govt. Colleges)
INR 21 Lakhs(Management Quota)
INR 2 Lakhs
Eligibility10+2 (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology)10+2 (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics )
Entrance ExamUG NEETJEE Main and Advanced
Approximate Salary/YearINR 10 LakhsINR 4.65 Lakhs
Job PositionsPhysicians, Pharmacists, Pediatrician, Surgeons etc., Mechanical, Software, Automotive, Mechatronics etc.,
Comparison of Engineering and Medical


Industry 4.0 is talk of the world due to the advancements in automation technology. All domains of Engineering pave the pathway to Engineers to a global job market. They are well paid. So there is a consistency demand in the Engineering Manpower. Employable Engineers get their passionate job immediately after 4 years..

All of us have to accept the noble work of Doctors during this Covid-19 Pandemic as frontline warriors. As population increases, the demand for medical professionals also increases in multifold. There is no uncertainty in the employment of Medical Professionals across the world.

Engineering vs Medical: Skill sets

As the entrance exams IIT JEE main and NEET differs only in Mathematics instead of Biology, the skill sets to crack both are common.

The following are the necessary skills required for both Engineering and Medical.

  • Technical skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Creativity
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Patience
  • Ability to Work Under Pressure
  • Innovative Skills
  • Communication skills
  • Team working skills

Challenges: Engineering and Medical

Engineering and Medical

An illusion has been created that Job opportunities for engineers are minimal. But, there are huge number of potential options for Engineers across the globe.

Substandard engineering education is now addressed in India, due to flooding of low-quality engineering colleges in the last two decades. Low quality engineering education fails to generate employable Engineers. As there is a deep decline in enrollment and now a large number of these colleges are being shut down.

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This myth is the only challenge faced by Indian Engineers. In fact there are potential vacancies for employable Engineers. Post graduation is not mandatory for placement. So, the Engineers can settle in their life at 21 years.

These are some of the major challenges for Medical students too.

  • Work Pressure
  • 5 and half years duration to complete UG
  • PG (either MS or MD) is essential for clinical practice
  • Only after PG any Medico can settle in their life, at their age of minimum 28 to 30 years.

Engineering Students life is full of coding, computers, machines, mechanics, dynamics, etc., etc.., On the other hand, medicos deal with anatomy, human body, Drugs, forensic medicine, etc.,

Points to Ponder before Choosing Engineering or Medical

The following points will be helpful in judging your decision whether Engineering is better or Medical.

  • Attitude : Self assess your interest where it lies.
  • Aptitude : Self assess your aptitude and find out your strength in numerals, Physics and experiments.
  • Ambience you want to work : Where you want to work? with Machines, Computers, and coding or Anatomy, drugs, autopsy etc.,

Hope I have helped you in fixing your confusion in comparing Medical and Engineering.

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Dr. Soma Rajarajan

The author is a dynamic, passionate Teacher, Mentor, career consultant and Resource Person, for more than 27 years, committed in developing employable Engineers in their core domain. Interested in coping up with the technological changes happening around the world.

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