Outstanding affiliated engineering colleges in Tamilnadu

Outstanding affiliated engineering colleges in Tamilnadu

Substandard engineering education is now addressed in India, due to flooding of low-quality engineering colleges in the last two decades. Low quality engineering colleges fail to generate employable Engineers. As there is a deep decline in enrollment and now a large number of these colleges are being shut down.

But, I do not mean that opting engineering is not employable. Across the globe , there are numerous vacancies for Engineers. Few engineering colleges are performing extremely well. But, many of our engineering colleges are not upto the mark. So, they fail to produce skillful and employable Engineers. If you select such a college, your career will be a question mark. For selecting a top affiliated engineering college in Tamilnadu, hope this blog will be useful.

National Institutional Ranking Framework(NIRF), a constituent body of Ministry of Education (formerly known as MHRD) releases the Ranking list every year based on the overall performance of the Institutes. Very meticulously they analyze the data furnished by the Institutes, with the help of various third party auditors to check its originality. Other than the Teaching Learning Process , Research performance, Graduation outcomes, Outreach and Perception are also scrutinized to fix a position.

1.Best affiliated Engineering Colleges in Tamilnadu

The following list is prepared in the rank order based on the NIRF Rankings – 2021, published recently.

Sl.NOCollegeNIRF RANKNAAC GradeNBA  AccreditationCounseling CodeApprox. Fees*
1SSN College of Engineering , Chennai45 A+Yes 1315  Rs.92500
2PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore53AYes   2006 Rs.92500
3Thiagarajar College of Engg., Madurai71 A+Yes5008  Rs.53500
4Sri Krishna College of Eng. & Tech, CBE78A Yes 2718 Rs.92500
5Kumaraguru College of Tech., CBE90 Yes 2712 Rs.56000
6Coimbatore Inst. of Technology, CBE102A Yes 2007 Rs.18300
7Sri Sairam Engineering College, Chennai109A+ Yes1419  Rs.92500
8Rajalakshmi Engg.College, Chennai110 Yes1211  Rs.92500 
9Mepco Schlenk Engg.College, Sivakasi124 A Yes 4960 Rs.42000
10Govt. College of Technology, CBE128 A Yes 2005 Rs.18300
11PSG Inst.of Tech and Applied Research, CBE131  Yes2377  Rs.79600
12Sri Krishna College of  Tech., CBE137 AYes 2722   Rs.92500
13Kongu Engg.College, Perundurai164 A Yes 2711 Rs.42000
14RMK Engineering College, Kavaraipettai170 A+ Yes1113  Rs.92500
15Sri Ramakrishna Engg.College, CBE175 AYes  2719 Rs.92500
* Approximate Fees based on the feedback from the student and Hostel/Transport fees extra.Have to inquire the college office to get actual fess to be paid

After the rank list release, as per your counseling schedule the choice list should be prepared and submitted. Regarding the choice list preparation,please go through my blog ” How to Prepare an awesome Choice List for Counseling”.

A 5 minute must read blog : " How to Prepare an awesome Choice List for Counseling".

2. Placements : the attractive factor of Engineering Colleges

1. Placement Training and Internship: Find out the training schedule and tools (like SkillrackAMCATexamly, edwiselyPEGA , etc.,) used for employability training in the College. Prefer the colleges which have the placement training in their regular academic schedule. Kindly omit the colleges giving such training once or twice in a semester at a stretch.Placement training should be a continuous process.

2.Placement achieved in the core and IT companies during previous years ( Give priority to Core placement)

3.What should you look at?

Engineering Colleges

Your Engineering career depends on “Where you study – Not the place but the College”

Studying any branch of Engineering in a good, reputed and outstanding college. Based on the ranks decide the college to study and take any branch of study. That is advisable for sure. For example, studying computer science engineering in a non-reputed college will not yield you any advantage.

I will be happy, if this blog answers the following questions
1.Which are the best Engineering Colleges in tamilnadu?
2.Top NIRF rank Colleges in Tamilnadu
3. NAAC and NBA Accredited Engineering colleges.
4. Fees details of Outstnding engineering colleges in Tamilnadu

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Dr. Soma Rajarajan

The author is a dynamic, passionate Teacher, Mentor, career consultant and Resource Person, for more than 27 years, committed in developing employable Engineers in their core domain. Interested in coping up with the technological changes happening around the world.

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