Is Computer Science the only option for Better Placement?

Is Computer Science the only option for Better Placement?

Computer Science has become the most discussed term by the student community in recent times. What miracle is that? Why is there so much talk?

Over the past five years, it has pushed back other engineering courses to the point of closing. Why this hysterical fascination on computer science?

This is the right time to think about it. Let’s get into topic..

Computer science is not really an engineering discipline , but it is rocking all sectors today. Computing is a competency and not a domain at all ; i.e., if domain is rice, computer science is like pickles, and never pickles can be a main dish.

It is unfortunate that today’s students and their parents do not have this understanding.

1. Computer Science is the first option.Why?

The 21st century is considered to be the age of computer science.

Today, from small shops to high end companies, computers dominate, and no one can say any alternative or deny it. This charm drew everyone towards computer science. As manufacturing industries became completely automated, the need for computer-familiar and coding-knowing people increased.

Moreover, the students’ attraction to the IT service companies is the lifestyle of the engineers working there and their pomp add the fascination on computer science.

The impact is that they are looking only at whether the job is easily available, but they do not care the field of their core engineering. I know many electronics and communication engineering students worked/are working as monthly wages in the finance domain for TCS and CTS.

They feel Computer science is the easiest option to get job offers. My question is ,” Is Computer science the only option?”

Many students have the grace of, foreign on site jobs through IT service companies. This is the driven force behind them to select any domain other than their core.

2.Fear/hatred on mathematics

In the Curriculum of Indian Universities and autonomous colleges, the Computer Science & Engineering and its related disciplines have very few number of analytical subjects. Major subjects are either theoretical or coding related when comparing with the other core Engineering counterparts. Analytical papers involve mathematics and complicated calculations.

This is the break point, in attracting many students towards Computer science. The students are not ready to take up the mathematical challenges in terms of analytical subjects.Instead, they prefer coding, which is easier to understand and do. So, they skip choosing the core engineering disciplines like mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, etc.,

The significant impact of this gesture is, in the recent past there is a steep inclination in the selection of GATE applicants from IT and Computer Science.

3. Computer graduate Inflation- Where it goes?

Inflation is a familiar term used in economics. But, if we have surplus manpower in any particular competency, which is also called as “Inflation”. This inflation also affects the technical manpower in many ways.

First and foremost one is, IT service companies are using the situation as advantage and exploiting the graduates. They offer very minimum salary (Rs.3.65 to 4.00 Lakhs) per annum. This is much cheaper than previous recruitments.

Even though, the graduates know this, they accept this offer and go. Is this not exploitation? At this juncture I want to quote “Poor work for Money, Money work for Rich”. What else?

4. Computer Science is Value addition – Not Core

Without the domain core knowledge, how can we develope the applications in domain? Computer science is such a value addition to your domain knowledge. If a Mechanical engineer has coding knowledge he can do wonders. But, nowadays all are speaking and engaging themselves in value addition but not the core.

For example, If you buy a mobile phone, what do you ask or search to select a mobile phone? RAM…., Internal Storage…, Pixel of camera…. Speed of the Processor.., ..mmm…Display size and refresh rate….etc., etc.,

Okay… What are these?… all Value additions…. Do you worry about, how good this phone for speaking…. No….Because, you know all the phones are useful in connecting people for speaking.

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See….the selection of mobile phone is predominantly depends on value additions. The same analogy is perfectly matching in your job market.

The coding skill can be improved at any point of time by proper part-time training or even in online coaching. But, Core Science or Engineering cannot be taught through part-time engagement without hands-on training. So, the priority is to your Core part not for your value addition.

5. Core domain will lift you to top

Is Computer Science the only option for Better Placement?

In the entry level the Salary will be better in the IT service firms, but in during course you cannot compare with your core counterparts. As the commitments are very minimum in the entry level we can manage and lead our life successfully. But, the requirements are more as your commitments grow.

Even though your salary is minimum in the entry level, your growth is assured and multi-folded in core domains. For example, a mechanical Engineer can earn thrice as a IT service personnel over a period of four to five years.

So, being a competency, Computer Science is essential for domain experts but that is not the only option for your placement and growth.

We can up-skill or re-skill in a short span of time but it is not possible to acquire domain knowledge.

In this article, I have written the pros and Cons of Computer Science. And I have answered the following questions as well.
1. What is computer science?
2. Domain Vs Computer Science
3. What is Competency?
4.Is a computer science degree worth it?


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Dr. Soma Rajarajan

The author is a dynamic, passionate Teacher, Mentor, career consultant and Resource Person, for more than 27 years, committed in developing employable Engineers in their core domain. Interested in coping up with the technological changes happening around the world.

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