How to Prepare an awesome Choice List for Counseling

How to Prepare an awesome Choice List for Counseling

Choice list, which is the key for your Engineering admission.Preparing a successful choice list is an art, it is simple but needs little experience.

If you thoroughly read this blog, and understand the points you can prepare an awesome choice list.

Substandard engineering education is now addressed in India, due to flooding of low-quality engineering colleges in the last two decades. Low quality engineering education fails to generate employable Engineers. As there is a deep decline in enrollment and now a large number of these colleges are being shut down.

But, I do not mean that opting engineering education is not employable. Across the globe , there are potential vacancies for Engineers. Few engineering colleges are performing extremely well. But , many of our engineering colleges are not upto the mark. So, they fail to produce skillful and employable Engineers. If you select such a college, your career will be a question mark. For selecting a top college, choice list is the key.

Because, your Engineering career depends on “Where you study – Not the place but the College”

1.Choice list: Prerequisites

Before preparing the choice list , the important prerequisites are

1.Prepare a list of top colleges in your state based on their performance. By doing simple research and interactions with old students you can prepare the list.

2.Which is your preferred programme of study like CSE,EEE,IT, etc., ?

– Based on your own interest decide your branch of study.

3. What do you want to become after your graduation in engineering?

– Your aim after Engineering graduation may be

(a) Higher studies in India or Abroad

(b) Jobs in Government Enterprises like ISRO, BEL,BHEL, GAIL, etc.,

(c) Cracking UPSC exams like IAS,IPS, IFS, etc.,

(d) Placement in Core companies/ IT Companies

(e) Entrepreneurship and start ups

4.In which college you want to study?

– The college have to be selected very very carefully.

The following points to be considered in the same order of preference before deciding the college irrespective of the department you want to study.

1. Placement Training and Internship: Find out the training schedule and tools (like Skillrack, AMCAT, examly, edwisely, PEGA , etc.,) used for employability training in the College. Prefer the colleges which have the placement training in their regular academic schedule. Kindly omit the colleges giving such training once or twice in a semester at a stretch.Placement training should be a continuous process.

2.Placement achieved in the core and IT companies during previous years ( Give priority to Core placement)

3. Opportunities and coaching for Higher studies , UPSC exams, GATE exams provided by the College and look at success stories.

4. Platform for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and start ups like IEDC/Incubation Centres /IDEA lab ..etc.,

5. Availability and VALIDITY of NBA Accreditation for the programme and NAAC accreditation grade (like A++, A+, A,…etc.) for the whole college.

2. Whom you can refer and rely?

Well. Choice list preparation starts with some research, feedback, words of mouth from many stakeholders.

Collect some feedback about the college from the old students (alumni) of that College /University and from their parents too. That will really reflect the originality of the College. Because,the Alumni students definitely support their college if the college is really good.

Do not believe on the fake words of Media advertisements, Social media contents, flyers, College website, especially the biased Career consultants.

3. Choice list: Know and Compare your Rank

Before preparing the Choice List, know your overall and category wise ranks. Google it, for the allotment of seat for the same rank in your category in the previous years. Compare the ranks but not the marks. More or less we can expect the same range of colleges with few percentage of deviation. And now you can roughly decide your college what you can expect in this counseling.

Note it down with its counseling code. If the decided college is really good as per our previous guidelines, do not hesitate to choose any available branch in that college. I repeat, your Engineering career depends on the College you study irrespective of the branch.

4. Fix the Choice list

Carefully watch what we are doing here.

In the Choice list we can opt for 200 choices (maximum). The selection is done by Computing algorithm based on choices availability for your rank and category.

Choice List
  1. Do not omit any top rank colleges better than your decision (you already decided based on your rank and category) in your top of the Choice list. Every body will be thinking that they will not get it. But, there are few chances for allotment. In all permutation and combination of branches and college you fill all the top choices.
  2. Now come to your decided college and fill the choices for all branches of that college.
  3. It is time now to fill the remaining options for other colleges which are quality wise lower than your decided college. At any cost these college options should not come earlier than your decided college in the choice list. If it happens everything will be collapsed.
  4. Sometimes, if you go in for counseling in the later rounds , for example, your rank is scheduled in 3rd round, the top colleges might have been filled earlier. In that case , among the available top colleges you prepare the choice list.

Kudos….You have successfully prepared your awesome Choice list.

If you need any clarifications, and help in your choice list preparation, mail us at info[at]stufeme [dot] com / srr[at]stufeme [dot] com . To avail this service free of cost visit and login.


Dr. Soma Rajarajan

The author is a dynamic, passionate Teacher, Mentor, career consultant and Resource Person, for more than 27 years, committed in developing employable Engineers in their core domain. Interested in coping up with the technological changes happening around the world.

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