Good content writing competition – “Writers of the Future”

Content Writing is an Art. Many are good in thinking but get stuck in writing. This competition unleashes the capacity of writing of students of schools and colleges.

“Give Words to your Thoughts.”

STUFE is pleased to announce a content writing competition “Writers of the Future Contest 2021”. The authors who write top blogs from those will get Internship. An applicant can submit as many articles as they wish, and submitting more articles will increase the chances of winning. 

This competition will help in motivating the student community to write good articles and get them published on India’s largest student platform – the Stufe. We expect this to serve two great purposes: one is to encourage good writers and their writing and make more student centric information and knowledge universally accessible.

1. Content Writing – Submission Guidelines


  • Three Top submissions will get a Internship opportunity in MNC and certificate of merit .
  • All Participants who submit the content will get an e-certificate of excellence
  • Best articles will get published on India’s largest student platform – the Stufe.


Any student who wants to submit an article on any student centric, curricular, co-curricular, extra-curricular topic.

1.1 Good Content Writing : Topics

Submissions on any student centric topic which is not already exhaustively mentioned on any other blog/magazines/digital online resources would be accepted. The following is the list of topics but not limited.

Sl. NoTitle
1How to introduce yourself in an Interview? 20 types.
2Which is better Hard Work  or  Smart Work?
3High Salary Courses After 12th standard
4How good is Value Education?
5Which are Highest Paying Government Jobs in India ? List 50 jobs.
6Online class Vs physical class. Which is better?
7Modern Education Vs Traditional education. A comparison.
8Career Options after 12thCommerce
9Educational Counselling : Importance and need of it.
10Global Warming : The measures to be taken to sminimise it.
11 After 12th, is Forensic Science Course is advisable?
12The importance of SWOT Analysis for Students.
13Famous Inventions and Inventors across the globe.
14Why do you find out Strength and Weakness?
15My Aim in Life – as success story telling
16ICWA (CMA) Course 2021- full details
17Top 10 Highest Salary Jobs for Commerce Students
18How to Build a Promising Career in Digital Marketing?
19How to Become Income Tax Officer?
20Nobel Laureates of India and their Achievements
21What are the Functions of the Parliament ?
22List of Top PhD Scholarships in India 2021
23Women Empowerment
24English for Competitive Exams [Grammar, Questions, Tips]
25Short-term Professional Courses after your under draduation.
26How good the Career in Biotechnology?
27SAT Syllabus for 2021
28Why Quality Education? What are the parameters decide the quality of education?
29Education Grading System in India . Good or Bad?
30Science vs Commerce: Salary, Jobs, opportunities
31what are the Computer Courses After 12th Commerce? And its career opportunities.
32Career after BSc Maths.
33Maths for Competitive Exams
34A Detailed Guide to Start a Career in Law
35Careers, Courses after BSc, Scope, Jobs, Salary 2021
36How to Become an Astronaut in India? [2021 Guide]
37Difference Between GPA and CGPA – A Detailed Guide
38100+ Education Quotes in English
39list out and explain the Best Education System in the World: Top 20 Countries
40How to Make a Successful Career in Banking?
41Essay on Sustainable Development goals: Format & Examples
42How can I start my own Entrepreneurship ? Definition & Process
43Internship Request Letter: Format, Tips & Sample
44CA Foundation Syllabus
45Top 20+ Career Objective for Software Engineer Resume
46MBA in Digital Marketing – Scope, Eligibility, and Colleges
47How to Calculate CGPA in Engineering?
48How to Answer ‘Why Should You Be Hired for This Internship?’
49Top 20 Motivational Movies for Students
50Types of Psychological Tests – Leverage Edu
51All You Need to Know About a Career in Microbiology
52Travel and Tourism Course after 12th- Career opportunities, Salary
53How to Speak Fluent English in a month?
54How To Join DRDO? Eligibility, Application Process
Topics of Good Content writing

These articles can be tagged under any one of the Student activities, fresher jobs, Student competition, Student Mentoring, Internship, Higher studies, School, College, etc.,

Word Limit 

The article should be a minimum of 2000 words.

2. Content Writing-Assessment criteria

  • The article should meet professional standards and be of publishable quality in simple English or Tamil.
  • Any plagiarism will make the article non-publishable on stufe and thus, they would be summarily rejected.
  • Content should not be ambiguous
  • It should be detailed and exhaustive
  • Information should be accurate.
  • You have to be straight to the point and precise.
  • The idea should be communicated clearly and distinctly.
  • There must be sufficient examples.
  • Inconsistent technical terms should not be used in the document.
  • Acronyms used in the articles should be explained.
  • Important points should be properly highlighted, and the paragraphs should have proper headings and subheadings.
  • More headings and subheadings and bullet points you put, the better chance of winning. 
  • Information should not be repetitive.
  • The article should be in a proper flow. Paragraphs/ sentences/ headings/ sub-headings
  • Sentences and bullet points should be complete sentences.  
  • All the necessary information should be hyperlinked.
  • All the sources of the information should be acknowledged and hyperlinked to the same.

3. Content Writing – Exclusive license

By submitting your article for this competition, you are giving Stufe Tech Pro Private Limited exclusive and unlimited license, without any restriction of time or geographical restriction, to publish your article on stufe, as well as any other compendium where we may like to publish it. If we publish it, you will not attempt to publish the same article/content anywhere else. For further details kindly go through the privacy policy of stufe.

4. Format of the Contents

  • Headings: Font Size 15, BOLD
  • Sub Headings: Font Size 13, BOLD ITALIC
  • Content: Font Size 11, NORMAL
  • Font: Times New Roman
  • Line Spacing (main text): 1.5
  • References: You have to mention all the sources you referred to while writing the article.
  • Structure of the article should be well constructed
  • The article should be logically and creatively written.
  • Grammar and concept should be correct.
  • Articles submitted should be original and unpublished. (Articles having more than 15% unoriginal content will be rejected).
  • The topic should be creative in itself.

5. Content Writing Dates

6. Jury Panel

Entries will be judged by a high-level jury panel comprised of Professional Content writers, officials of the various Institutes and Industry against originality, creativity, writing quality, and solutions presented. The Jury panel decision is final.

All the necessary details related to this competition are available below.

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