Father’s Day – Not a Payback to his life long sacrifice

Father’s Day – Not a Payback to his life long sacrifice

Father- a Symbol of Sacrifice. He is the man behind our success and our family as well. Without his shoulders we cannot reach this height. In Indian culture he is the leader of the family like a Lion, Pillar of our family’s growth and safeguard of all. Father’s day …a single day…You think your father and sending him wishes …Is this fulfill your payback to your father for his dedication?

Father’s Day is commemorated in most parts of the world on the third Sunday of June. 

All of us have respect on him.But, whether we take care of him in his elderly days after our marriage? At least do we meet and talk to him frequently? No.

I ask this question not only to sons but also to daughters. Daughters….a special darling to all fathers. But after your marriage? Every son and daughter should read and feel this.

Being a son, we do understand the pains of a father only after we become as a father. Am I right? It is unfortunate that the end times of fathers are often spent in silence and loneliness, sometimes set aside and neglected.

This is why fathers think they have to keep working and die before they can fully retire and go to the corner.

Make way for him to live with dignity after working hard for the family. Many children treat their fathers with the attitude that they can sit in a corner, immerse themselves in silence, eat three meals a day and not talk.

The elderly father asks very little from his family. Because he was the head of the family who was not used to asking something for him. Who knew only to give. So in old age he will not open his mouth and only listen. Only the family should know and fulfill his needs.

If he has a habit of reading, buy at least a weekly newspaper.

Father's Day

Give some money for retail expenses.Voluntarily you ask him , “Appa…what do you want ?”. This is what he expects from you.Understand him.

Give small jobs without sitting in the corner. Ask his inputs before taking some decisions. At least for name sake.
Do not separate grandchildren from him. They are assets, celebrated by the Father.

For someone who has taken care of our family needs, now is your time to take care of it.

Find a way to spend the last days of the father’s life quietly while he is alive, rather than lamenting that he may have done this after someone has passed away.

Loneliness is very cruel for the elderly.He may have a habit of listening to old songs.Buy a small radio for him. Or teach him how to use mobile phones to listen the music.

If you know any one of his old friends, give space for them to meet and discuss. This is the easiest way to make him happy.

If you do not have a separate TV, let him sit with you and watch TV shows.

The father who lost his wife, know that loneliness is very cruel. If a woman loses a husband, she will digest it and go with her children.
The woman is flexible and adapts to the environment.

Realize that the father who has lived as the head of the family, the one who gave the power, the one who earned, the one who deserves the value of others, becomes an orphan after losing his wife who can show his power, love, intimacy and share anything.

Realize these and respect the father, he deserves to be honored ……..!

In this article, I have written the Vaule system of Indian Culture.And this may be answers for 
1. When is Father's day?
2. Happy Father's day

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