Best 10 Tips for your Resume to be selected

Best 10 Tips for your Resume to be selected

Resume ….the entry key for any applicant especially Freshers.

You would have heard that being freshers without experience, we are not getting good offers. Is this right? In my opinion it is not true.

Out of my experience, I can say one thing, if your resume is really catchy, you would have been called at least for first round of interview. Whether you are selected or not in the final round, that does not matter. Writing a resume is an art , but simple with little amount of research.

Resume…virtually the face of the candidate. Your face must be attractive. Isn’t it?

1.Resume through e-mails

While sending your resumes to any job/internship through email, it is foremost important to write a proper wordings in the subject of the mail. Your subject wordings should be descriptive and contain your name and the post applied. Among 100s of mails received , the HR should click your mail to see who you are. For example, < Soma Rajarajan – for the post of Marketing manager – Chennai>

2. Name of the file

When attache the resume in email, the attachment file name should be meaningful stating your name, post applied .For example, <SomaRajarajan_Marketingmanager.pdf> .If your resume file name is like myresume, newresume,resume13.09.2021, etc., it is very difficult to the selection committee to fetch your file, which may lead to omission.

3.Fresher’s Resume is Short and Sweet

Fresher’s resume may be short but should carries full and clear information about your objective,passion and skill sets you have. Unnecessary stories or any fake information in the resume will irritate the personnel department. So, be genuine and honest.

4. Role of your Social URLs

Improve your presence in the social media by posting good and professional articles; your activities in the social media is taken as the replica of your behaviour. Avoid writing or even forwarding sensitive contents, political critics, etc., . Your social media activities very much visible to everybody. Be careful.

Other than, usual social media, the technical students are advised to showcase your skills in github, behance, hackerearth, stufe, matlabcentral etc., These are the evidences how technically good you are.

The basic requirement of the freshers to get a job or internship is LinkedIn profile. Now a days the HR Managers filter the resumes based on their requirement using software bots from LinkedIn. Having a good and lucrative profile in LinkedIn is mandatory to get an offer. Being a Professional network, there are discipline rules in maintaining LinkedIn profile. 
Your Professional photograph,skill sets, posts, articles, featured articles etc,. with clear and simple introduction are playing a powerful role in your selection.


Your Resume must indicate your graduation year, Specialization, CGPA, College, University,Project work, Internship details, etc., Obviously, this data gives clear idea about your academic strength to the recruiter. Many times, inclusion of your college name may be advantageous.

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6. Online URL for your work

Your resume should describe your projects across all semesters, past internships and your contribution . In addition to that if you have any online URL to showcase your project demo, that will be an added advantage.

7. Skill Sets in your Resume

All the above your resume should carry your skills in software, coding, simulation tools, testing tools etc., Do not send the same resume to all the recruiters. Look at the company profile and nature business to tune your resume. Focus light on the skills related with the recruiting company.

8.Awards and Achievements

Update your LinkedIn profile daily basis. Showcase your academic credentials, awards and prizes in co-curricular and extra curricular activities in your resume without fail. If you have posted such certificates then and there in your LinkedIn page, that is sufficient.

9.Contact details

After doing every thing right and missing in your contact details, then no use. mail ID, mobile number, and LinkedIn URL are now mandatory. If there is any change in any one of these items , immediately it should be reflected in your resume, profiles of job portals.

10. Apply selectively

Do not apply to all the recruiters without matching the skill sets.And one more important thing is try to connect the recruiters using LinkedIn rather than sending messages to them, commenting to their posts etc.,

Hope I have answered for the following questions:- 
1. How to prepare the resume?
2. Tips to resume preparation
3. Why LinkedIn profile?

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Dr. Soma Rajarajan

The author is a dynamic, passionate Teacher, Mentor, career consultant and Resource Person, for more than 27 years, committed in developing employable Engineers in their core domain. Interested in coping up with the technological changes happening around the world.

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