Be Happy! Happiness is the powerful key to success

Be Happy! Happiness is the powerful key to success

Happiness is the most powerful key to succeed in your life.

How can only some people always be happy? What does it take to be so happy ..? Money ..? Position ..? Luxury life…? Is it enough to get Happiness…?

Will we be happy without worries all the time ..? Where is happiness?

It is very easy to answer. It is in our “mind”.

Let’s discuss the influencing factors to be happy and to make others to be happy.

1. Celebrating all people, all events is Happiness!

Notice every good thing around you .. When walking on the road, you will have seen annoying traffic jams.

You will not find flowers blooming on the side of the same road. Enjoy the good things of everyone around you as father, mother, brother, sister and friends.

Celebrate. There is no shortage of happiness .. We can learn this from children, it is the nature of children to enjoy anything.

2. Making good friends is Happiness!

According to psychological research, the happiness of a person’s mind is determined by the things around him. So, spend time with the happiest friends, the friends who inspire you, the friends who do not criticize you and do not destroy your confidence ..!

This will keep your positive energy from depleting.

3. Do the favourite!

When doing favorite things, the mind will be infinitely happier. For many, the only reason they hate life is because they are doing work they don’t like. Our economic condition may force us to do the job, which we do not like.

At the same time, can anyone stop you from watching your favorite movie, reading a book or traveling? Do these often..the pleasure will increase.

4. Change what you do in a better way!

You can do any job you want. But in it your mind and body must be together. This way your mind will not think about unnecessary thoughts. As long as unwanted thoughts do not confuse the brain, happiness will not diminish.

5. Don’t stop learning!

According to some studies, by constantly learning new things, the brain will always be active. This will keep your memories not being disturbed and always busy.

So the mind will always be happy.


6. Breaking the ban is Happiness!

Never, ever think that there should be no problems anywhere. Whatever the problem, think that you have to grow strong enough to endure it. You will automatically increase your self-confidence to face problems successfully.

Developing self-confidence will also increase happiness.

7. Whatever happened, it happened well!

If you are a person who worries often, it means that you are living in your past. Sad memories are sad, but they are things that can happen. You can’t change them. So, don’t think the past, and live in the present, without losing the joy of the present.

Just think of what happens .. half the worries fly away.

8. Smile often!

We live a life of uncertainty, not even knowing what will happen in next moment? Why create so many problems in this? Make yourself josh. Couldn’t? Watch a comedy film.

Talk to friends who are full of humor..Laughter is the gift we have..Use it..It is the medicine to drive away your anger and frustration ..

9. Let’s learn to forgive! It gives Happiness!

Anger is the self-punishment we inflict on ourselves for the fault of others. Why enjoy it so often? Forgive them instead .. Your mind will be happy .. Your character will grow .. There is no one who does not make mistakes?

So if we forget and forgive, it will only increase your value and happiness!

10. Saying Thank is Happiness!

Give thanks often to those around you.

Don’t forget to appreciate the small help or big help they do. Don’t forget to say thank you.

11. Let the depth of the relationship increase!

We live together with many people in the community such as home, office, society. Among those, when we spend time with close relationships, we get more happiness.

Develop more people who are so close. Excitement is high.

12. Make and Spread more love!

No one in this world is available, if you find fault with everybody. So just accept everyone around you. Love your loved one too much .. because making love is so comfortable!

13. We are good to ourselves!

You have to be your best friend in the world. You definitely need to take great care of your body. Without the wall, where can we draw picture? So, focus more on your things like food and sleep, especially your health. You like yourself first.

You love yourself first. Enjoy……. Celebrate… Live life.

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Dr. Soma Rajarajan

The author is a dynamic, passionate Teacher, Mentor, career consultant and Resource Person, for more than 27 years, committed in developing employable Engineers in their core domain. Interested in coping up with the technological changes happening around the world.

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